David Bindman

Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, University College London
2020-2021: Image of the Black Archive & Library Fellow

David Bindman is Emeritus Durning-Lawrence Professor of the History of Art at University College London. Author of many distinguished...

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Darius Bost

Darius Bost

Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Utah
Fall 2020: Richard D. Cohen Fellow

Darius Bost is Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation at the University of Utah, and co-editor of ...

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Hutchins Facade

Alessandra Di Maio

Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities, University of Palermo
Spring 2020: Richard D. Cohen Fellow
Alessandra Di Maio is Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities at the University of Palermo, Italy. In residence as the Cohen Fellow for Spring 2021... Read more about Alessandra Di Maio
Eve Dunbar

Eve Dunbar

Associate Professor of English at Vassar College
Fall 2020: W. E. B. Du Bois Fellow

Eve Dunbar is an associate professor of English at Vassar College (NY) and author of ...

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Belinda Edmondson

Belinda Edmondson

Professor of English and African American and African Studies, Rutgers University
Fall 2020: Sheila Biddle Ford Foundation Fellow
Belinda Edmondson teaches in the Departments of English and African American and African Studies at Rutgers-Newark. She is an elected member of the Johns... Read more about Belinda Edmondson
Garrett Felber

Garrett Felber

Assistant Professor of History, University of Mississippi
2020-2021: Hutchins Fellow

Garrett Felber is an assistant professor of History at the University of Mississippi. His research and teaching focus on twentieth-century African...

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C Keith Harrison

C. Keith Harrison

Associate Unit Head and Chief Academic Officer, University of Central Florida
Fall 2020: Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellow

C. Keith Harrison is Professor of Business, Hip Hop, and Sport at the University of Central Florida as well as...

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Scott Heath

Scott Heath

Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Loyola University
Spring 2021: Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellow

Scott Heath specializes in African American literature, black public culture, and speculative race theory. He is the author of Head Theory: How Hip...

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Rumbi Katedza

Rumbi Katedza

Independent Filmmaker
Fall 2019: J. M. D. Manyika Fellow

Rumbi Katedza is a filmmaker and writer, who has lived in the USA, Japan, Italy, Canada, the UK and Zimbabwe. She produces corporate and independent...

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Mikael Muehlbauer

Mikael Muehlbauer

Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University
Spring 2021: Sheila Biddle Ford Foundation Fellow

Mikael Muehlbauer is a specialist in the architecture of Medieval Ethiopia and Egypt. He earned his PhD in Art History and Archaeology from Columbia...

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William Pruit III

William Henry Pruitt III

Doctoral Candidate in the Department of African and African American Studies, Harvard University
2020-2021: Dorothy Porter & Charles Harris Wesley Fellow

William Henry Pruitt III is a PhD Candidate in African and African American Studies at Harvard University. His primary field is English, and his secondary...

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Bill Schwarz

Bill Schwarz

Professor of Modern Literature and History in the School of English and Drama, University of London
Fall 2020: Stuart Hall Fellow

Bill Schwarz teaches Caribbean literature at the School of English and Drama, Queen Mary University of London. Most...

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