Du Bois Review

The Du Bois Review (DBR) is a scholarly, multidisciplinary, and multicultural journal devoted to social science research and criticism about race

Now celebrating its 18th year in print, the journal provides a forum for discussion and increased understanding of race and society from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, law, communications, public policy, psychology, linguistics, and history.

The spring 2021 issue (18.1)—“Paths to Race Privilege” features Thomas F. Pettigrew on the positive outcomes of desegregated education in the United States, as well as a lively debate between Deniz Uyan and Adam Hochman on the utility and limits of the concept of racialization. Alejandro de la Fuente and Stanley R. Bailey explore contrasting perspectives on racism and racial inequality in Cuba; Mary Pattillo and colleagues examine group identity and political engagement among the Black middle class in Colombia. Other themes include how professional attire influences the perception of Black men as threatening; predictors and mediators of psychological distress among working-age African Americans; abolitionist possibilities in Black community practices of safety and security; and workplace mobility among racialized public servants in British Columbia.

The fall 2020 issue (17.2) includes Andrew J. Cherlin’s examination of upward mobility and loss of community in the Black steelworker neighborhood of Turner Station, MD. This issue also considers race, place, and relationship formation in the digital age; skin tone and identification among recent U.S. immigrants; the racialization of Muslim newcomer youth; differences in racial identification among Mexican-origin adults in CA and TX; belonging and anti-Blackness in Portugal; how policing is used to racially segregate residential spaces; Black social interactions on public transportation; race and queer experiences among gay men in Seoul, Korea; and Muslim American double consciousness.

Published by Cambridge University Press, all Du Bois Review articles are available on Cambridge Core.

Editor: Lawrence D. Bobo
Senior Associate Editor: David Mickey-Pabello
Interim Managing Editor: Sara Bruya