Legacies of Eugenics in New England Conference: Part 1


Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 1:00pm


Virtual Conference

Session 1 - Introduction and how we remember eugenics, 1:00-1:30pm EST / chaired by Charlene Galarneau (Harvard)

  • Opening on Judy Dow's Second Eugenics Congress tapestries with her text
  • Welcome from Evelynn M. Hammonds on behalf of the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research
  • Overview of the session from Charlene Galarneau
  • Michael Bryant to give overview of indigenous genocides and extinction theory
  • Land acknowledgment from Charlene Galarneau
  • Charlene Galarneau in conversation with Judy around the history and lessons of land acknowledgements, before Nancy Gallagher and Judy in conversation around how to remember eugenics.

Session 2 - Eugenics Survey of Vermont, 1:30-2:00pm EST / chaired by Charlene Galarneau (Harvard)

  • Nancy Gallagher and Judy Dow presents around the Eugenics Survey of Vermont
  • Conversation with Judy Dow and Nancy Gallagher around the Eugenics Survey of Vermont, chaired by Charlene Galarneau

Session 3 - Harvard's eugenics history, 2:00-2:30pm EST / chaired by Evelynn Hammonds (Harvard)

  • Introductory comments from Evelynn Hammonds
  • Short presentation/introductory remarks by Paul Lombardo (Georgia State University) on the history of Harvard eugenics
  • Short presentation/introductory remarks by Suzanne Blier (Harvard) on eugenics at Harvard's museums
  • Short presentation/introductory remarks by Christopher Willoughby (Harvard) on historical eugenics in Harvard's medical schools
  • Follow up and discussion between Paul Lombardo, Suzanne Blier, and Christopher Willoughby, chaired by Evelynn Hammonds

Session 4 - Bell/Gallaudet and eugenics and the Deaf community, 2:30-3:00pm EST / chaired by Brian Greenwald (Gallaudet University)

  • Introductory comments from Brian Greenwald
  • Short presentation on AGBell's research on Martha's Vineyard and its implications upon the Deaf community by Nora Groce (UCL)
  • Short presentation on Gallaudet and Clerc's work with the Deaf community in Connecticut by Meredith Peruzzi (Gallaudet University)
  • Follow up and discussion with Nora Groce and Meredith Peruzzi, chaired by Brian Greenwald

Session 5 - Yale's eugenic past, 3:00-3:30pm EST / chaired by Daniel Hosang (Yale University)

  • Introductory comments from Daniel HoSang
  • 3 conversations around archival materials between Daniel HoSang and his 3 students - José Garcia, Sidney Velasquez, and Dora Guo
  • Follow up and collective discussion between José Garcia, Sidney Velasquez, and Dora Guo, chaired by Daniel HoSang

Session 6 - Concluding coming together panel, 3:30-4:00pm EST / chaired by Nora Groce (UCL)

  • Introductory, bringing together comments by Nora Groce
  • Collective discussion around New England's legacies of eugenics, and how we remember eugenics, with Judy Dow, Nancy Gallagher, Brian Greenwald, Suzanne Blier, Mike Bryant and Daniel Hosang, chaired by Nora Groce
  • Lead out and preview to next session


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