Huggins Lectures with Christopher Ehret (3 of 3)


Thursday, November 7, 2019, 4:00pm


Location TBA

Christopher Ehret, Distinguished Research Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Ancient Africa in World History:  Invention, Innovation, Impact

Nov. 5:
“African Historical Firsts”
10th-century BCE iron smelting furnace from Rwanda
Reconstruction by the archaeologist Marie-Claude Van Grunderbeek

Nov. 6:
“Ancient Africa:  Crops, Commerce, and the Export of Innovation”
Ruins of a 2nd millennium BCE town in West Africa
Augustin Holl

Nov. 7:
“The Africanity of Ancient Egypt”
5th millennium BCE Megalithic Array at Nabta Playa
Fred Wendorf and Romuald Schild