Juan Latino Papers

Juan Latino, 1518?–1596. Ad catholicvm, et invictissimvm Philippvm Dei gratia Hispaniarum regem, de augusta, memorabili, simul & catholica regalium corporum ex varijs tumulis in vnum regale templum translatione . . . epigrãmatum siue epitaphiorum, libri duo per magistrum Ioannem Latinum Garnatae adolesctiae moderatorem . . . [Granada, 1576]. Houghton Library.
     The son of a black slave, Juan Latino was educated along with his master’s son, and soon demonstrated his precocious talent, receiving a degree from the University of Granada at the age of 28. He went on to teach at the Cathedral School in Granada for 20 years. Famous for his epic Latin poems, in which he reflected on the condition of blacks and disputed any religious justification for slavery of Africans, this is his rare second book of poetry. For more information, please contact Houghton Library at 617.495.2449.