Jamaica Kincaid Papers

Kincaid is a well-known and well-respected novelist and essayist. Early in her writing career, she was hired by William Shawn, the legendary editor of The New Yorker, as a staff writer, then a regular “Talk of the Town” columnist; she was a contributor for some 20 years. She has published five novels, five non-fiction books, a children’s book, and numerous short stories and essays. The archive includes manuscripts and working drafts or all her books through her most recent novel, See Now Then (2013); journals and notebooks; voluminous correspondence; photographs and family documents; digital media; and copies of all her books and magazine appearances. The archive documents not only Kincaid’s life as a writer, but her perspective as a Caribbean immigrant and working woman, and is an important addition to Houghton’s collection of American literary archives. For more information, please contact Houghton Library at 617.495.2449.