Wlamyra Albuquerque

Professor of History; Federal University of Bahia, Brazil


Fall 2015: Afro-Latin American Research Institute Fellow

Racialization of Brazilian Society


Project Description

Racialization of Brazilian Society

This project seeks to examine the racialization of political decisions in the context of the end of slavery in Brazil, an undertaking which involves an analysis of the emancipation process, the abolition of 1888, and discussions revolving around the extinction of "servile elements".  Key issues for analysis include the definitions and limits of citizenship for the so-called "emancipated race" in the post-abolition period via investigation of mechanisms, actions, and discourses that sought to establish and/or reaffirm subaltern roles for the population of color in Brazil’s Republican society. Main sources include personal correspondence from the archives of noted abolitionist Rui Barbosa, as well as periodicals, police and governments documents.

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