Spring/Summer 2015 - Blokhedz: Music, Magic & Mayhem

On view through July 24, 2015.

Empire City is the birthplace and center of all magic in the universe. But its residents are unaware of the true history because this knowledge was stolen, then hidden and eventually forgotten - passing out of all memory, llost on the citizens of this mega-metropolis. But there is a 17-year-old potential superhero named Young Blak, a skateboarding Hiphop MC who recently discovered he possesses supernatural powers and is able to cast magic spells through his rap lyrics. Guided by ancestors and the spirit of his older brother Konzaquence, who was slain by Blak's arch nemesis King Vulture, Blak must choose a path to either use his powers to become the savior of Empire City or seek revenge for the loss of his brother. The fate of their world depends on this decision.

Blokhedz: Music, Magic & Mayhem is an interactive exhibit featuring art, animation, and urban vinyl figures from the pages of the graphic novel. Blokhedz fuses the energy of American graffiti with Japanese Anime aesthetics. The result is Empire City – a world that seamlessly blends science fiction with magic and tranditional African, Afro-Latin and African diasporic spiritual mysticism.

The Exhibition Features:

  • Debut of new Blokhedz animation
  • Blokhedz animated shorts
  • Digital comic books
  • Blokhedz and hiphop-themed comic art
  • Original graffiti








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