Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

Director: David Eltis (Emory University)

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, originally published as a CD-ROM in 1999, has been available in a new and greatly expanded format on an open access website since December, 2008 and is periodically updated as new information becomes available. It is located at It includes detailed information on 35,000 transatlantic slave trading voyages that occurred between 1526 and 1866 as well as estimates of the overall size and direction of the trade. Detailed personal information on over 90,000 Africans removed from captured slave ships in the nineteenth century, including their African names, is accessible at David Eltis and David Richardson’s Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (New Haven, 2010) draws heavily on slavevoyages and african-origins. Slavevoyages is currently undergoing a recode as well as additional development. This two-year project, supported by Emory University and the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research, will underwrite the site’s sustainability over the next decade.

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