Tools for Researching Your Family History

Offers DNA testing and resources to learn ancestry and personal health information

248 Ancestors
Dedicated to the research and discovery of Jewish ancestors

African Ancestry
Offers DNA testing with a focus on tracing the ancestry of people of African descent back to the present-day African country of origin

DNA Heritage
Information on DNA genealogy

Ellis Island
Search for relatives who may have come through Ellis Island

Provides resources and is tied to real-world family history classes and Family History Centers around the world

Family Tree DNA
Offers DNA testing for the purpose of determining ancestral pedigrees

Family Tree Maker
Social network-oriented family tree sharing site

Access to a huge selection of original military records

Genealogy Links
Specializes in international genealogy research

Genealogy Today
A publication with advice on getting started, links, and more

Social network-oriented family tree sharing site

"History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy" article with links to additional resources

Cemetery records online

Misbach Enterprises
Downloadable genealogy charts (pdf)

My Heritage
Social network-oriented family tree sharing site

New England Historic Genealogical Society
Provides family research and family history, genealogy and a number of comprehensive databases.

Offers paid research services but also provide a useful set of tools and links for getting started on your own

US Gen Net
Free and advertisement-free hosting of genealogy sites for educational purposes, public research, or study of national historic heritage

US National Archives: Official Genealogy Portal
Contains guidance for genealogy research and diverse archives of American records

World Gen Web
Specializes in international genealogy research

World Vital Records
One of the more popular paid genealogy database sites

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