Project on Race, Class & Cumulative Adversity

William Julius Wilson, along with his colleagues Lawrence D. Bobo, Matthew Desmond, Devah Pager, Robert Sampson, Mario Small, and Bruce Western has launched a major new project at the Hutchins Center, entitled “Multidimensional Inequality in the 21st Century: the Project on Race and Cumulative Adversity.”  This Project will feature three key activities: (1) conducting cutting-edge inequality research involving several inaugural studies in years 1 and 2 and a collaborative innovative, mixed-methods study of multidimensional inequality in years 3 through 5; (2) coordinating executive sessions with thought leaders and policymakers; (3) training the next generation of poverty scholars.


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Guardian review of "Evicted"

It hadn’t even hit 9am on the publication day of Matthew Desmond’s big book – the one that was all over the liberal American newspapers, the one that would turn him from promising young scholar into go-to intellectual – and already the train was tilting off its rails.

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Matthew Desmond as One of Politico Magazine’s Top 50

In 2008, when Matthew Desmond moved into a poor Milwaukee neighborhood to begin what would become his groundbreaking study of eviction and its role in exacerbating poverty, the notion that a presidential race would be defined by progressive ideas about the evils of income inequality would have seemed almost inconceivable.


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