Transition authors Ebony Coletu and Kendra Field win Boahen-Wilks Prize

Congratulations to Transition 114 authors Ebony Coletu and Kendra T. Chief Alfred SamField!

Their article, "The Chief Sam Movement: A Century Later," has won the Boahen-Wilks Prize from the Ghana Studies Association.

"The GSA Boahen-Wilks Article Prize recognizes and highlights scholarship on Ghana that demonstrates rigor, innovation, and dynamism.  For the 2016 prize, we received a total of 11 submissions that included both self-nominations and a few external nominations.  We were pleased to receive papers from history, anthropology, art history, sociology, political science, international relations and safety science and want to continue to encourage this kind of diversity in nominations, as well as to encourage nominations for interdisciplinary scholarship.

The competition was keen and our discussions lively, but we agreed that the winning article is emblematic of the kind of innovative and meticulous scholarship that is placing studies on Ghana at the forefront of African Studies as well as within the respective disciplines we represent in GSA.

The GSA is proud to announce that the 2016 Boahen-Wilks Article Prize has been awarded to Ebony Coletu and Kendra Field for their co-authored piece, “The Chief Sam Movement, A Century Later”, in Transition, No. 114, Gay Nigeria (2014), pp. 108-130." [Read GSA announcement]

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