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Cannibal Logic

On the occasion of 50 years since Transition's founding, former Executive Editor Michael C. Vazquez chats with Carina del Valle Schorske about "culture as the great chain of swallowing."

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We were constantly trying to figure out how to describe what it was we were doing, which was itself not always clear. At one point a former intern showed a copy to one-point-five-eared boxer Evander Holyfield, who gave us a ringing endorsement: “I like it. There should be more magazines like this.” Like what? It was hard to say. In promotional materials, we favored alliteration—“from Beijing to Boston to Bujumbura,” and so on. But we liked the idea of “a general interest magazine about race,” with its seemingly paradoxical air. The point was that we found race—or the house that race built, if you will—an endlessly fascinating prism through which to look at nearly everything. And we did not mean that reductively; we meant it expansively.




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