New Visual Arts Team at Transition

[February 2017]

Transition is delighted to announce that Nikki A. Greene, Assistant Professor of the Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora at Wellesley College, has joined our editorial team as Visual Arts Editor.

Nikki is an art historian examining African and African American identities, music, the body, and feminism in 20th century and contemporary art. She is currently in residence as the Richard D. Cohen Fellow at the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University.

Her book manuscript, Rhythms of Grease, Grime, Glass, and Glitter: The Body in Contemporary Black Art, presents a new interpretation of the work of David Hammons, Renée Stout, María Magdalena Campos-Pons, and Radcliffe Bailey, and considers the intersection between the body, black identity, and the musical possibilities of the visual.

Nikki is joined at Transition by Harvard AAAS doctoral student Jovonna Jones in the role of Visual Arts and Social Media Assistant. Issue 123, a collaborative issue with Jalada on the theme of Fear, will be Nikki and Jovonna's debut issue.

Follow Nikki on Twitter @nikkigphd and learn more on her faculty page.

Photo by Samara Pearlstein.

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