Murray Forman

Professor of Media & Screen Studies, Northeastern University


Spring 2015: Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellow

Old in the Game: Age and Aging in Hip-Hop

Project Description

Old in the Game: Age and Aging in Hip-Hop

This project isolates aging in rap and hip-hop, analyzing the ways in which artists, audiences, and entrepreneurs negotiate the cultural meanings and values associated with the processes of growing old in hip-hop. It adopts the premise that ageism is a significant force in contemporary society, on par with other forms of social marginalization, and that it emerges in particular contexts with sufficient frequency and intensity in hip-hop to warrant closer critical examination. The project explores age difference and generational dissonance, along with the discourses of tradition, legacy, authenticity, and preservation in order to expand the knowledge about hip-hop culture and its intersections with social variables that to this point have not encompassed critical age studies to any significant extent.

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