Du Bois Review Issue 10.1

The Antinomies of Racial Change

The first issue of Volume 10 (2013) features W. E. B. Du Bois through three lenses: Cornel West in conversation with Christa Buschendorf on Du Bois as “a figure of our times;” The Philadelphia Negro and the Ecological Conundrum, by Marcus Hunter;  and W. E. B. and Shirley Graham Du Bois in Maoist China, by Yunxiang Gao.  The issue also includes essays on birthright citizenship, Black migration to the urban south,  population changes leading to change in Whites' attitudes about academic merit, and racial/ethnic disparities in infant mortality among U.S. Latinos.


Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Infant Mortality Among U.S. Latinos: A Test of the Segmented Racialization Hypothesis
Brenda L. Henry-Sanchez and Arline T. Geronimus

Crossing Regional Boundaries of Race in the Black Migration to the Urban South
Sabrina Pendergrass

Multiple Group Threat and Malleable White Attitudes towards Academic Merit
Frank L. Samson

Annie Menzel, Yunxiang Gao, Jane Jones, C. Shawn McGuffey, Dina Okamoto and Melanie Jones-Gast, Tyrone Forman and Matthew Rodriguez, Chinyere Osuji, Amanda Lewis, Tiffany Joseph


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